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QuickBooks Login Error- Fix the Issue

QuickBooks users struggle with errors on a regular basis. This can be difficult when all of the accounting-related tasks are halted due to a single mistake. In this article, we will look at the Quickbooks log-in problem. The Quickbooks Login Error is what it has been named.

Anyway, you don’t have to get all worked up over this mistake because we’re here to help. This article will teach you what you need to know about this mistake. Not just that, but you’ll be able to work out several ways to get rid of the Quickbooks authentication error 9999.

So buckle up, we’ve got a problem to tackle.

What are the various causes of Quickbooks authentication errors?

This error can be caused by a variety of causes. Let’s go over them one by one.

  • Your account is being viewed from a separate location using the same login information.
  • During the previous QBO session, you did not log out properly.
  • A third-party program, such as the antivirus or firewall, is interfering with Quickbooks’ activity.
  • There might also be a technological problem with Intuit (the developer of Quickbooks).
  • The login error can also be caused by cookies, cache, and old browser history.

Google Chrome Quickbooks authentication error

The majority of users registered Quickbooks Unrecoverable Error after logging in and using the Google Chrome browser. Then there must be an explanation for that, right? So, first and foremost, let’s look at the signs.

Google Chrome Quickbooks authentication error


Signs and symptoms

  • Your page continues to load but does not show any results.
  • Your computer displays an error message indicating that the facilities are not available.
  • You are unable to progress beyond the sign-in page.
  • After the website loads, a blank or black screen appears.
  • After you’ve signed into your account, Quickbooks doesn’t react.
  • The Quickbooks login page does not load in Google Chrome.
  • The Google Chrome browser is slow to react.


  • This error will occur in Google Chrome if you did not correctly log out of the previous session.
  • When another person logs into Quickbooks online with the same credit card but on a different device.
  • This problem may also occur if a firewall or antivirus software is interfering with Quickbooks’ results.

Now that we have a better idea of the causes and effects, it is time to learn about the different ways to correct the network fault during QuickBooks login.

Methods for resolving Quickbooks login issues

There are some approaches you can take to correct this mistake. You must test each solution one by one before you find the one that works best for your situation. In order to prevent data loss, keep a copy of your critical data.

Solution 1: Switch to a different web browser

There’s a good chance you’re seeing this mistake because the web browser you’re using isn’t working properly. As a result, you can try a different web browser to access your Quickbooks online account. If you are now using Google Chrome, you can move to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, and vice versa.

Solution 2: Run Google Chrome in private mode

You no longer need to be concerned with external intervention with the assistance of the Incognito slot. This is due to the fact that incognito mode does not save the browser history or cookies. This will allow you to quickly navigate through the page and, as a result, log in to the Quickbooks page. Let’s see what you’re capable of.

  • To begin, open the Google Chrome browser.
  • You can now see three dots in the upper right corner. It is the power and customizes button.
  • Click on it.
  • Then, choose the New incognito mode.
  • You should also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N to do this.
  • A new incognito window will be launched.
  • Go to Quickbooks Online and attempt to log in from there.

Solution 3: Delete the browser’s history and cache

Delete the browser's history and cache

Most of the time, cookies, cache, and browsing history are the villains of this error. So what we have to do is get rid of them. Let’s see how you can handle it.

  • Select the customize and monitor option.
  • Now, pick the Settings function.
  • Then, choose the option labeled Clear the history.
  • A new tab will be opened.
  • Tick the boxes that you like to empty.
  • Finally, choose clear data.

Solution 4: Create a new user in Google Chrome

In the Google Chrome browser, you can add a new profile. This will aid in the reduction of working hours. Let’s see what you can come up with.

  • First of all, open Chrome Browser and select the Settings tab from the left pane.
  • Select the Users tab.
  • Simply select the ‘Add New User’ function.
  • Fill in your name and hit the Create button.

When you do this, you can see a new user icon visible in the upper left corner. You will swap between all users and attempt to access your Quickbooks online account.

These were the fixes for the bug. We hope that we were able to assist you in resolving the Quickbooks authentication bug. If that’s the case, take a look at some of our other reports on our website. This post is of high quality and will be very beneficial to you.

If you are still experiencing errors, it is recommended that you contact Quickbooks for help. The extremely competent staff will assist you in removing this mistake.

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